Ready to be a part of something amazing?

With YANA, you have the opportunity to make an impact in
your community and change the life of another mama.
Because of the help of people like you, mamas, babies,
whole families, and entire communities improve and transform.  Through our programs and your support, families achieve the strength and stability they need to build a positive future.
Learn how you can join us in our cause – changing the world, one mama at a time. Read more about our volunteer opportunities below.

Volunteer Roles

Peer Mom Callers

Our program offers new mamas (not always first-time mamas) check-in calls at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months postpartum.  These calls are made by peer moms to connect, mom to mom.  There is an online training to help understand the role and how it works. These calls are not meant to be a clinical calls (such as social workers or mental health professionals).

Support Mama

To be a support mama means you are willing to be matched with a mama who is looking for support. This is not specifically a “mentor” role because we don’t expect you to have the answers but instead a peer support role where you are a non-judgemental support for another mama who may just need a shoulder and someone to listen.                                                               

Podcast Interview

Every mama has a mama story and when other mamas hear your story, they feel less alone. Your mama story can be comforting, inspiring and helpful to other mamas. Consider signing up below to be scheduled for a zoom podcast interview with our Founder/CEO, Nikki.                                          


As a nonprofit, we always need volunteers to help with all kinds of things. We need help planning events, fundraising, grant research, writing and submitting, social media posting, marketing and many other areas. If you have an area of expertise, we would love for you to let us know how you could best support YANA.